If Looks Could Kill

I almost met Buddy Rich once.  I was going to one of his gigs at Mr. Kelly’s on Rush Street in Chicago in the early ’70s.  I ran out of gas on the way downtown, so I was almost late to the gig.  I got there just as they were announcing Buddy Rich.  He was entering from the same door as the patrons.  The maître d’ said to go right in, so I turned and Buddy was standing right there, about to go on stage, glaring at me as I bumbled some inane words of praise.  If looks could kill…

Anyway, it was a great performance (in spite of my “gaff”).  During the show, Buddy broke a drumstick in mid-solo and tossed the stick behind him.  He didn’t lose a beat.  I noticed this, and after the show as everyone else was leaving, I got up from my table, ran up to the stage and found the broken stick…including the broken tip!  I went home and Scotch taped the broken tip together with the shaft.  I keep it on my desk and fondle it every so often.  I can still feel the magic!

Buddy Rich: Slingerland USA Model

To this day, I believe Buddy was thinking about the fool at the door when he broke the stick.  Whaddya think?

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Buddy Rich on Wikipedia

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